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  • Learn to Hack from the Basics

    This hacking course will teach you how to hack right from the basics and take you to some of the highly advanced concepts of ethical hacking. "How To Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed" helps beginners establish a strong foundation.
  • Extremely Easy to Follow

    Each concept of hacking is presented in a very simple and easy to follow manner. Diagrams, flowcharts and suitable illustrations make it extremely easy for you grasp the concepts.
  • No Prior Knowledge Required

    This book is designed keeping the novice readers in mind. Unlike other popular books, "How to Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed" does not demand users to have any prior knowledge of hacking. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer should be able to learn how to hack by easily understanding the concepts laid out in the book.
  • Get the Latest Hacking Techniques

    Stop wasting your time on books that discuss age old hacking techniques which are outdated and infeasible. This book will only cover those hacking techniques that are active and practical to perform.
  • Discover Practical Examples

    The real fun of learning how to hack lies only in practicality. In addition to laying a strong theoretical foundation, the step-by-step practical examples in the book will teach you how to hack like a professional.
  • Become an Ethical Hacker

    You can begin to apply the concepts and techniques of hacking by exploiting various vulnerabilities in system. You will also be in a strong position to defend yourself against any such hack attacks on your own computer and network. This may even motivate you to start off your career as an ethical hacker.

This book gave me exactly what it promised to deliver. Being completely new to hacking, I felt absolutely no difficulty in following the book. "How to Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed" is one of the great way to start off your journey as an ethical hacker.

- Dave Parish
Texas, U.S.
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Basics of Computer Network
  • Network Protocols
  • IP Addresses
  • Footprinting
  • Network Reconnaissance
  • Information Gathering
  • IP Enumeration & Tracing
  • Scanning & Detecting Live Systems
  • OS Fingerprinting
  • IP Hiding & Identity Masking
  • Proxy Servers & VPNs
  • Password Cracking Techniques
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Exploiting Windows Vulnerabilities
  • Windows Password Cracking
  • Trojans, Keyloggers & Malware
  • Data Hiding & Encryption
  • Steganography
  • Network Sniffing Techniques
  • ARP Poisoning & MAC Flooding
  • DNS Cache Poisoning
  • Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
  • DoS & DDoS Attacks
  • Wireless Hacking and Sniffing
  • Cracking WEP & WPA Encryption
  • Wireless DoS Attacks
  • Web Hacking
  • Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Command Injection Attacks
  • Buffer Overflow Exploits
  • Directory Traversal Attacks
  • Hacking Internet Users
  • Session Hijacking & Cookie Stealing
  • Email Hacking

You Will Begin to Think Like a Hacker!

After you finish reading "How to Hack: Hacking Secrets Exposed" you can adopt the hacker's mindset and start to think and react to situations and problems just like the ethical hacker would do.

You Will Acquire Unique Skills and Knowledge.

The ethical hacking concepts presented in this book will make you acquire knowledge and technical skills that are non-existent to 99% of the computer users.

You Can Start Hacking Like a Professional.

After having adopted a hacker's mindset and knowing exactly how to hack like a pro, you can kick-start your career as an ethical hacker.
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Srikanth Ramesh
Author of "Hacking Secrets Exposed"
Srikanth is an ethical hacker, independent security researcher and penetration tester from Bengaluru, India. He has an experience of more than 9 years in the field of information security. He is also the founder of, a very popular blog that is focused on ethical hacking and information security.